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HIMOARD Organics is a Government cooperative of 26000 certified organic farmers based in Rampur Bushahr, Distt. Shimla, H.P. . We are working in the untouched retrograde areas of Himachal Pradesh such as Lahaul & Spiti Valley, Pangi Valley Chamba, Upper hills of kinnaur with villages like Nako, Shalkhar & Khab, higher hills of Seraj & outer Seraj valley in both mandi & kullu districts, Rupi & Manali Valley, Bada Bhangal area of distt. Kangra, Roghi village in kinnaur, Rampur Bushahr & other individual farmers from all over Himachal Pradesh. These areas & Peoples here are by default organic & with a small initiative of certification of there produce could be beneficial both to farmers & consumers  


HIMOARD Organics has been working in Himachal Pradesh since 2001. Facilitating farmers with organic certification, training & marketing of their organic produce. With our qualified & experienced research graduates we also have a soil testing, Leaf & Residue analysis laboratory to ensure ease in production for farmers and guarantee the purity of the organic produce with certification approved by APEDA.

Image by Terra Slaybaugh


  1. To organize camps in rural areas to educate rural masses through ICE modes for general development and poverty alleviation.

  2. Strengthening Agricultural activities by educating farmers to undertake crop diversification. 

  3. To make farmers aware of the concepts of IPM/ INM (Integrated Pest Management /Integrated Nutrition Management). The larger aim of these conceptual clarities is to prepare farmers to practice and adopt ORGANIC FARMING in absolute.

  4. To establish the methods through experimental efforts which farmers could follow in replica and popularize it to make it commercially adaptable.

  5. Identification of farmers practicing Organic farming, their registration, Maintenance of ICS   and certification from accredited agencies by APEDA MOC GOI and to establish market linkage for disposal of their produce.

  6. Awareness about Indigenous Technology and knowledge for conservation and management of biodiversity.

  7. Cultivation of Medicinal, Aromatic and Herbal Plants, their value addition and promotion of their marketing.

  8. Promoting farmer to create Water harvesting and management of existing water resources & rainwater harvesting.

  9. To bring awareness among rural people to preserve environment and plant trees for fuel fodder and greening aspect of nature which will check soil erosion.

  10. Educate people to preserve local fauna, flora, and wildlife. To arrange educational camps for the same.

  11. Discourage the use of non-degradable products.

  12. To work for upliftment of weaker section of society i.e. handicap person, women and small/ marginal farmer etc. including BPL families.

  13. Preparation/formulation of projects of members of society for onward submission to the concerned agencies in state and national level besides, financial institutions located at different places.

  14. To provide consultancy in the field of Horticulture especially for promotion of Organic Farming.

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