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SKU: 364115376135191

Rare & Wild hazzelnuts from the high hills of kinnaur & Pangi valley, Chamba. 

Wild Himalayan Hazelnuts (Thangi/shalloi)

250 Grams
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      Himalayan Hazelnuts (Corylus ferox)  is a naturally growin wild variety of hazelnuts fount in the temprate evergreen hills of tibet & the himalayas. It is found in abundance in certain parts of Pangi valley, Chamba, Kinnaur & upper hills of Distt Shimla & Distt Kullu. Traditionally known as Thangi or Shalloi, hazzelnuts are of great importance in cullinary preferences, Fragrants & medicinal purposes. Although hazzelnuts are grown and found in abundance in turkey but the himalayan hazzelnuts are of some great medicinal uses. The himalayan hazzelnuts have  slightly higher content of filbertone, a substance responsible for fragrance of hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are rich in protein, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, manganese, and numerous other essential nutrients.Hazelnuts are used in baking and desserts, confectionery to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate for chocolate truffles and products such as chocolate bars, hazelnut cocoa spread such as Nutella, and Frangelico liqueur. Hazelnut oil, pressed from hazelnuts, is strongly flavoured and used as a cooking oil. Turkey is the world's largest producer of hazelnuts.

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