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This apricot oil is purely extra virgin, cold pressed, certified organic product extracted from the wild apricot kernels or Gutti of wild apricot or chulli trees from the forrest and fields of kinnaur and western himalayas. 

Organic Extra virgin Apricot Oil (wild) Chulli oil

250 Milliliters
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₹1,980.00every month for 6 months
    • About Chulli (wild apricot) oil

      Chulli (wild apricot) oil is extracted through cold pressed method in village "chakki's" from the himalayas  which has an highly essential value in ancient himalayan aurvedic medicines. Apricot oil is clinically proven for cure of arthiritis, joint pain, muscular dystrophy, cardiovascular diseases, back pain and many other medical issues. it is regarded as the best massaging oil & has an utter importance in beauty & skin nourishment. Apricot oil is considerably used as the base of all the beauty products & cosmetics  & is an essential oil in panchkarma and spa therapies. Aricot oil is conaitsts of high levels of Vitamin A & Vitamin E which is responsible for its cosmetic and skin nourishment values, it also cotains Vitamins B6(pyridoxin), B12(cyanocobalamin), B15 (pangamic acid), B17(amygdalin) which is responsible for therapeutic effect from massaging and initiating in cure of artheritis & body pains.

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