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Its time to go organic as the Himalayan cold desserts are doing

Extreme weather and life conditions up in the cold desserts of Himalayas have made it really tough for the farmers here to thrive to the ever-changing niche of the world. Let me take you to shalkhar and nako villages of hangrang valley in the ever serene and beautiful district kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh in the western himalayan region of India. The place holds a really out of the way ecology as these are regarded as the most beautiful and tough cold desserts across the globe. Due to this hardship the farming done here is only limited to village and nearby areas. Irrigation done here is normally flood irrigation from the glacial water in the streams that provides natural nutrient retention for the soil as well as crop due to this reason also there is not much need of chemical fertilizers here as the farming done here is by default natural and organic. However, Himoard made the farmers aware by telling them about the fact that the produce they are growing and the method of production they are using is naturally organic so why not to get a scope certificate and be legitimately organic so khab, nako, shalkhar, leo & many villages of the beautiful and serene spiti valley i.e. kaza, hurling, lari, poo, kibber, komic(world's highest village) etc. are all NPOP certified organic villages since 2012 & have procured some of the highest prices of apple & almonds across India. The area is known for indigenous variety of apricots(chulli) which have the highest oil content amongst all apricot varieties in its kernel. These villages & peoples from such a harsh and difficult terrain could perform organic farming then it could be done anywhere. These villages have set an example to all those who thinks that organic farming is a myth. Its not a myth its a need for a healthy and good tomorrow.

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